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While the Alliance for Marriage exists in large part as a response to perceived legal and social challenges to traditional views of marriage, and therefore promote socially conservative policies, they are widely regarded as a unique voice on these issues. Unlike other organizations considered part of the Christian right, the Alliance for Marriage has significant support from Catholics, Jews, and Protestants, as well as leaders from minority faith communities, civil rights figure Walter E. Fauntroy, the Rev. Ray Hammond, a prominent Boston pastor, and several religious leaders in the Latino community such as Rev. Samuel Rodriguez who serves on their Board of Advisors.

According to a 2004 profile in USA Today, this diverse support is credited in large part to the unique upbringing of AFM President Daniels, who was raised by a single mother in Spanish Harlem. This also apparently provided his primary motivation for founding AFM. Daniels' views on family, he says, are based in large part on personal experience. He insists he wants to protect what he did not have himself: a dad who stuck around to raise him in a traditional family.

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USA Today

Man behind the marriage amendment

Matt Daniels, 40, is a man in the middle of a growing maelstrom, a newly minted mover and shaker.

Marriage amendment backer Matt Daniels looks on as Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) announces changes in the legislation.

Most Americans have never heard of him, but his influence is helping drive one of the country's hottest issues. Daniels is the force behind the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriages nationwide.

Passionate, dogged, savvy . physically imposing at 6-foot-4 . Daniels is a verbal whirlwind.

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The Atlantic

Matt Daniels believes he's found a solution to the political problem of gay marriage.
So why do his fellow conservatives want to divorce him?

Marriage Counselor

Most Americans oppose gay marriage but support civil rights and legal equality for gays, whereas the far right opposes even the latter. On many such issues President Bush has been able to placate conservatives without alienating mainstream voters, by wrapping conservative policies in moderate language.practicing, to use a term he made famous, "compassionate conservatism." Karl Rove, Bush's chief strategist, keeps a key lesson of the 1992 presidential campaign firmly in mind: when Republicans try to fuel the culture war they generally provoke a backlash.

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LA Times

Lawyer Was Ready for the Marriage Debate

Seeing the issue of gay weddings coming, Matt Daniels drafted an amendment now before Congress. His childhood experience drives him.

Faye Fiore, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON . When the subject of same-sex marriage crashed onto news pages and into the thick of public debate this month, an already drafted Federal Marriage Amendment was ready and waiting to be considered.

Matt Daniels is the lawyer who drafted the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage. The story of his upbringing does not resemble that of the traditional family he envisions for the nation -- and that experience has fueled his involvement in the cause.

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